Rajeli Banana Desert

Recipe by Lynn Hannah Perreira's mom. Lynn Hannah Perreira is a resident of Vasai and follows Virar and West Page. Ingredients Rajeli Bananas -7-8; Jaggery -250gms; Coconut grated -2; Cardmom powdered -1 pinch; Nutmeg grated - 1 pinch; Ghee - 1/2 tbsp Recipe Extract Coconut milk from grated coconut, approx 3 n half cups (200ml).... Continue Reading →

Blooming Suran Flower

Lucky to get these pics of blooming Suran flower(Also called as stinky lily) in Saphala, Maharashtra, India (pic courtesy Mr.Milan Dharmadhikari) A blooming suran flower has a stinking odour and is not edible anymore. It can be cooked and eaten only in its bud stage. They are little hard to get because not every Suran... Continue Reading →

Hurda or Ponk Party at Home

Hurda, Green Jowar, Ponk or call them Tender Sorghum Grains, they have different names but it all means that a new crop season has arrived! Hurda parties are a great rave in Pune, Nashik, Nagpur - primarily, the northern region of Maharashtra. The popularity of hurda parties has commercialized the event and made it a big part... Continue Reading →

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