Rajeli Banana Desert

Recipe by Lynn Hannah Perreira’s mom. Lynn Hannah Perreira is a resident of Vasai and follows Virar and West Page.
Rajeli Bananas -7-8; Jaggery -250gms; Coconut grated -2; Cardmom powdered -1 pinch; Nutmeg grated – 1 pinch; Ghee – 1/2 tbsp


Extract Coconut milk from grated coconut, approx 3 n half cups (200ml). Grate jaggery, chop bananas into roundels. In a heavy bottom vessel, add coconut milk and jaggery. Let it come to boil, switch flame to medium heat. Cook it to 7-8 minutes. Do stir it at regular intervals. Add banana roundels, cook till they turn soft.
Turn off the flame. Add ghee, pinch of Nutmeg and cardamom. Let it cool then refrigerate. Serve when it is cold.


Picture Credit – Lynn Hannah Perreira


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