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virarandwest.com tells tale of Virar, a city whose destiny is closely intertwined with India’s maximum city – Mumbai, but manages to retains it’s distinguishing flavour, charm and identity. It also profiles places on western rail-line that is so an integral part of a Virarkar’s life. It takes you on a journey laced with stories- some crispy, some informative, others with useful tips on where-to-find-what but in all keeps you entertained.

The awakening of this city did start with a far stretched yawn but today its pace is unbelievable. The real estate has boomed, the markets are crowded and the traffic is .. jara bachke. That is, the city is progressing.

Virar boasts of ample week-end getaways for locals and Mumbaikars-most popular destinations being beaches of Arnala and Kelwa. For the devout there are famous shrines such as Hill-top temple of Jivdani or Vajreshwari & Ganeshpuri. The latter are the sites of rare hot water spas that attract millions of visitor for its curative values and as outing.

All in all the site aims to bring you a classic tale. Watch out for this space and participate in exciting and happening things around.

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