A Beautiful Evening Spot -Karwale Dam in Saphala



We came across this very soothing evening spot last weekend, the Karwale dam. This one is located in Saphala, a train station that falls in between Virar-Palghar route.  Karwale dam is approximately  6 years old, you can say a moderately recent construction. Since then, it has been a great water source to the nearby villages. Other than that as you see the pictures, it is a quaint evening spot for residents there. We imagined that during monsoon this dam and the surroundings must look stunningly green and therefore a great idea to plan a picnic during the season.





You can board passenger trains or Virar-Dahanu local trains that halt at Saphala Railway station. Roughly, the dam  is  3-4 kilometers  from eastern section of the village, an east-west division made by the railway line there. Hire a rikshaw, dumdum or catch a bus to get to the Karwale Stop on the route to a small village, Pargaon.





By road,  Karwale dam is on Saphale road, a deviation from Mumbai -Ahmedabad expressway on National Highway8 .



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