Kuli Bhaji- A recipe by Mrs. Bhagyashree Pandit Virar

Kuli Pakoras- A recipe by Mrs. Bhagyashree Pandit , resident at Chalpeth, Virar.

kuli bhaji 2
Kuli/Kodshi, is a short term rain greens, widely seen in sabzi mandis of Virar-Vasai after first few rain showers.

Cleaning the vegetable: The white roots though look beautiful, are bitter and not edible. Cut them and also separate the inedible, very thin stem you will find enveloped in the leaf.

1 Cup chopped Kuli/Kodshi
1 Cup Onion
1 Cup Gram Flour (Besan)
2 Tb.Sp. Rice Flour
1 pinch Asafoetida
½ spoon Turmeric
1 spoon Red chilli powder
1-2 green chilies (paste)
Salt to taste,
½ T.Sp. Sugar, can be skipped

Take all ingredients in a bowl. Add little water keeping in mind that the leafy vegetable will moisten it further. Heat oil and add 2 spoon of hot oil in the batter or add a pinch of soda-bicarb. Mix well. Deep fry pakoras on low flame if batter is very thick and on high flame if batter is thinner.

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