Mamledar Misal

There is a mail that does rounds on internet with a list of famous Misals of Maharashtra and where to find them. Mamledar Misal is listed in it. It has got its name because the food joint is situated right beside Mamledaar/Tahsildaar office in Thane.
Thane being our district, a Virarkar has to frequently visit the city for getting various official jobs done. I got a chance to taste it on one such visit and it is pretty nice Misal.

Tikhat Misal
Tikhat Misal
Mamledar Misal 5
Double Tikhat

The Mamledar Misal is famous/infamous for spiciness depending on what kind you like. In actual, you get served in types of Misal where the degree of hotness varies, you get light, medium, tikhat (fiery) and double tikhat(too fiery) Misal. By default they bring you moderately spicy Misal. I liked Medium and tikhat Misal. I tasted double tikhat too but did not enjoy it. The chilli powder in double tikhat does not attack your tongue directly; there is too much oil to realize the amount of chili powder. You realize how spicy it is only when you have a runny nose. You don’t get lemon wedge with Misal so it’s not tangy hot. I preferred the medium spicy Misal where you also identify the taste of other spices. You can also order extra ‘Kut’ like in all Misal places. The extra curry looks red, oily, tempting and very affordable at Rs.2 but dilutes the taste of the original Misal, I would suggest you to order another bowl of Misal instead.

Mamledar Misal 3

My view was that Mamledar Misal is a place to visit if you are in the vicinity. I thought it tastes better than an average Misal. It is a very old joint and wrong place for you if you are particular about comfortable ambience. The fact is that they have loyal set of customers who have been visiting the place from their childhood. One such customer was sitting right across me who vouched that the taste of Misal hasn’t altered in all these years.

Mamledar Misal 4

Tahsildar office is situated near to railway station in western side of Thane. Though it is  in middle of a very crowdy bazaar area, it is difficult to place the office easily. Among the hundreds of road vendors on both sides of the road, even a historic gate of Tehsildar office remains hidden. So remains unseen the small, very old fashioned Mamledar Misal joint. They don’t even have a visible name board. You have to confirm by asking someone. The nicer part is that all dishes are moderately rated and inexpensive. The Misal is at Rs.35 per plate. There is also a  takeaway counter for  Misal. This place remains shut on Sundays, ekdum Government eeshtyle.

Mamledar Misal 2

There are not many places left which refuse to modernize despite so much popularity. They even have Kora Chaha (black tea) at Rs. 5 in their menu which I thought was something unique about this place. Do visit it for an experience of its kind and understand the period when time must have dragged itself in lazy pace.

 Mamledar Misal1

 – Two Cents

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