Uncle Aunty Sandwich and Pizza House

The name, Uncle Aunty, evokes a feeling of bonding from the start. There must be more to the name as we see that the customers coming in are frequent visitors, quite used to the place.

We were correctly informed then about this sandwich corner which the owners, yes the uncle and aunty, who tell us is being run by them for two decades now.

The ‘Uncle Aunty Sandwich and Pizza House’ is situated in the lane behind the petrol pump on Bolinj-Agashi road in Virar. Only good recommendation of it could get food detectives of virarandwest sniffing and follow the trail to an almost hidden food joint. It is a favorite adda of collegians and school going kids. These youngsters especially gorge on the Mayo Sandwich and hangout here with their friends.

We liked the Mayo sandwich too it quite melts in your mouth. Their pizza is desi style as the quintessential pizza spices and herbs were missing. But the garam garam pizza from the oven sizzling with ample amount of cheese made us forget about that.

Mayo Sandwich

The other snacks include mouthwatering chaat items and we thought that this one is happy news for hygiene conscious people. Check out this one for yourself that is, if you haven’t already.

P.S. The timings of this food joint is 6 :00pm to 10:00pm everyday except Tuesday which is a holiday.


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